Emergency Daydream 1.0 2016

Voice recording

00:02:22 minutes

Headphones and post-its

Translation: 'I think about tearing muscle like paper'

Installation art & data accumulation

Areej Kaoud

Image courtesy to the artist

Pulled from the artist's interest in disastrous scenarios, this artwork is a series of voice recordings submitted from daydreams regarding thoughts around the subject. The experienced length of a daydream relies on the daydreamer's sensorial perception of the flow of time, the exiting of a reverie retains a much stronger sensation than entering one. There is a border entering into an escalating or diverting train of thoughts as a vertical expansion within a horizontally short amount of time, which then snaps back to level reality.


Emergency Daydream 2.0 2016 represents extensions and exaggerations from banal everyday realities such as physical strength, and assessing preparedness for an unknown.


Emergency Daydream 3.0 2016

Voice recording

00:02:07 minutes

Headphones and digitally printed luggage travel labels

Installation art

Areej Kaoud

Image courtesy to the artist


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