Due to a paranoia of conversations being eavesdropped, even when there is a banal opinionated comment non related to the geography I am in at any point in time, I pause the conversation, on a piece of paper or a note-taking application on my phone, I type/write down what it is I want to say and show it to the person(s) I am physically in conversation with. Thus conducting an aural-visual communication.


This artwork stems from an audio-censoring exercise that I developed while political conversations took place primarily with my parents and later within a closer circle of people.


The medium of this performance is a device in my hand where my typed comments appear in real time on screen behind invited speakers aware of the performance. I Censor presents critical reflections and extended interpretations to the audience in response to present narrators.


The first performance of I Censor took place at Tate Exchange in Tate Modern as part of the ‘Sawt II: Flag Continent’event on January 20th 2018. On this occasion this work was exhibited in response to speakers Sara Masinae, Shamma Al Amri and Tara Al Dughaitar addressing censorship in the Middle East.


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