'Mish Mistwiyya' 2014 is a representation of a lemon in a stark white background with the colloquial Arabic phrase underneath translating to 'it is not ripe'. Along with other paintings in this project, it is an assertive and defiant gesture of belonging. They reflect a struggle to gain a sense of rootedness. The text in the paintings play with the Arabic expressions and the names of the fruit they illustrate.


In the Palestinian dialect, an apricot is called 'Mishmish', the painting of the apricots 'Mish Mashee (I Am Not Leaving)' 2020 delivers a double meaning, one is the intention of not leaving whilst simultaneously saying 'It is not ok'. It is a phonetic play on the name. 'Bideesh Batteekh (I Do Not Want Bullshit)' 2020 represents the other social meaning of the Arabic word for watermelon. 'Batteekh', when used out of an eating/culinary context means 'bullshit'. Bideesh Batteekh communicates not wanting bullshit.


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