Perceiving disastrous scenarios as physically demanding situations, my research has been primarily focused on the body. Recently, that research has extended my interest into personal/emotional provisions in times of crisis. Questioning what it means to our psychology to prepare for the unknown. When a difficult circumstance presents itself, I find myself recalling basic words that my mother would use in a stern yet urgent manner to control a situation; sentiments that would enable her to prepare for and manage a forthcoming incident. Attempting to soothe a state of anxiety, Silent Sirens 1.0 2018 presents banal language as a safety provision (or reassurance). Rendered through inaudible emergency LED signage, Arabic words are projected onto the panels as a visual urgency. Though a triggered narrative, this work attempts to remind the viewer their psychological preparation for an imagined emergency might play a role in their physical reaction when one occurs.


Silent Sirens vol.1 has been generously commissioned by Tashkeel Dubai and placed in their permanent collection.


Photo credit Jalal Abuthina

Video credit Daniella Baptista


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